KE3JP Repeater's Information
KE3JP Repeater's Information



Welcome To The KE3JP

Repeater's Information Web Page


With All The Pages That Are Listed Here I Am Going To Give You All The Information About The Repeaters 

That I Have On The Air .

We Have Been Serving The Mercer County For Many Years With The Most Reliable Service That I Can Provide

My Systems Are Run On Battery Power At All Times .

That Means When Other Communications Go Down I Hope Mine Will Still Be Up And Running  .

When The Power Goes Off We Go Into Low Power Mode To Save On The Batteries .  

We Should Be Able To Run For 96 Hours Or More .  

Then If The Batteries Get Low I Can Drive Up To The Site And Hook Up My Truck Or Generator What Ever I Think Is The Best For The Time .

I Hope You Enjoy What You See Here And I Hope You Will Stop By The Guest Book And Sign It. 

I Would Like To Say Thanks To All The Good People Out There That Has Helped In The Passed Years .

I Hope To See A Lot More People Getting Involved In Helping In Any Way That They Can .

Like I have Said To Everyone What Ever You Have To Offer Would Be OK With Me , 

I Have Had Alot People That Has Given Money To Help Buy New And Used Items That Are Needed . 

There Has Been Alot People That Has Given There Time Helping Work On Many Things, Like Antenna Work, Replacing Old Repeaters And What Ever Is Need

I Would Like To Say Thank You To The People That Has Donated Things Like Radios , Antennas , Computers, Hard Line , And So Much More .

There's Alot More To Be Done .

I Am Always Looking For Ways To Upgrade The Repeaters Any Ideas Are Appreciated 

Many Thanks To The Owners Of The Tower Sites For Letting Us Have Space On Them .

Like I Said Before And Will Say Again Many Thanks To All  

I do allow others to link to my repeaters only if your repeater is a open and coordinated repeater this is a must 

so don't ask your anser will be NO


Michael L Mowery KE3JP 



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Michael l Mowery ke3jp 

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Greenville ,Pa 16125 

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