443.425 New Antenna Web Page
443.425 New Antenna Web Page


Date 09-06-2007 Dave Firis AL7OP Hired A Tower Crew To Came To Greenville Pa

Repeater Site To Remove The Four Big Dishes On Top Of The 300 Foot Tower And

At The Same Time We Hired Them To Put Our New Antenna And 1 5/8 Hard-Line Up

For Use With The Help From Of The Ham's That Use The Repeater System That

Belongs To Mike KE3JP Thanks To All The People That Donated Money And There

Time And Helen And Gary And Dave For Food And Drinks For Us On This

Job And Gary Thanks For The Pictures And Thanks To Adam KB3EIF For The Donation

Of The Antenna Please Look At The Pictures Below I Try ed To Put Them In Order So You

Could See How The Job Was Done


Picture here is Dave Firis Great Guy R.I.P  2017



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