New 146.445 Repeater
New 146.445 Repeater



May 20 . 2008

This Is The Day We All Have Been Waiting For The NEW 146.445 Repeater

Thanks To Michael KE3JP    Josh W8JDZ     Gary WA3NSM    Chuck KB3RCM

For Helping Install The New Repeater System 

W8JDZ Taking Tie Straps Off The Repeater  

W8JDZ And KE3JP Talking About How We Are Going To Get This Off The Trailer  

KE3JP Showing W8JDZ The New Add In's For The Repeater  

KE3JP Showing W8JDZ The New Add In's For The Repeater  

KE3JP Talking To W8JDZ  

KB3RCM Coming Into The Building  

KE3JP Drilling Holes For The 12 Volt In Put Power Lines

KE3JP Hooking Up The 12 Volt Put Power Lines

KE3JP Putting In A New Light Protector For The New 146.445 Repeater

KE3JP Putting On New Hard Line For 146.445 Repeater Going To The Duplexer's  


  KE3JP Still Hooking Things Up And W8JDZ Looking At The New Repeater   

This Is The New Repeater All The Way To The Right Id The 146.445 Duplexer

In The Middle Is The New 146.445 Repeater And To The Left Is The 443.425 Repeater

All Units Have Locks To Help Some People Out 

 W8JDZ Running The Out Side Temperature Sensor Wiring  

W8JDZ Looking For A Brake In The Feed Line We Had Some Water In The Feed Line  

WA3NSM Getting Ladder So He Can Run The Door Alarm 

WA3NSM Running The Door Alarm Wiring

This Is A Picture Of The New System 

This Is The TX-RX Duplexers

WA3NSM Hooking Up The Door Alarm And W8JDZ Making A Hole For The Extra Grounding

  KE3JP Talking On The Phone Talking To His Honey After The Repeater Is All Done 

This Is The End OF The Install  

  Looking Up The Tower 




Michael L Mowery 

6 Mud College Road 

Greenville ,Pa 16125 



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