Transfer , Pa Receiver Site For 146.445 Repeater
Transfer , Pa Receiver Site For 146.445 Repeater

This Is The Transfer Site We Installed The 6 Meter Transmitter

Thanks To All For Helping And A Really Big Thanks To N8XUA Jack 

For doing The Tower Work


This Is The Transfer ,Pa  for The 6 Meter Transmitter Tower Site


      W8VFD Up The Tower Strapping Hard Line To Tower    N8XUA Going Up The Tower To Install The Antenna

     W8JDZ & WA3NSM Holding The Hard Line Going Up                      N8XUA UP The Tower

                    The Antenna's Up The Tower                           W8VFD Strapping The Hard Line To The Tower

     KE3JP & W8VFD Mounting The Antenna To Bracket         W8JDZ N8XUA KE3JP W8VFD

                              Before It Goes Up                                                          Watching me Work 



                                                       Oh No Here He Comes  WA3NSM                     

                                                             This Is Jack N8XUA Up The Tower                          

             N8XUA Installing The Antenna                 What A Bunch Of Guys Trying To Pull N8XUA Off The Tower


                       N8XUA On The Tower                          N8XUA Going The Tower Up And Saying Am I There Yet ?

                                                 N8XUA Getting Ready To Go Up The Tower

                                                                 This Is The drive Way                                   

                                               W8JDZ Watching KE3JP Getting The Antenna Ready



Michael L Mowery 

6 Mud College Road 

Greenville ,Pa 16125 



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