Field Day
Field Day

Field Day 2007 

At KE3JP Mike's House @ 6 Mud college Road Greenville , Pa 16125

i would like to say many thanks to Adam's mom for the food and to Helen for making the good soup and thanks to everyone for the food and for the help setting things up and running this event for field day and thanks to all that let use us there radios and antenna's and coax and table's and chairs and well thanks to all for everything we sure did have a good time

          ke3jp putting coax ends on

          wa3nsm putting coax ends on                     n3sla wiring up his 12 volts from battery

      n3sla wiring up w3yqx 12 volts                       w8vfd and ke3jp going after more parts

               on the tower                                    this is the place for the food


w8jdz going up the tower for dipole         dipole up 40 and 75 meters and 20 meters 

              this is the 75 meter                                 6 meter antenna and r7000


                                                                                                               n3pik  ke3jp putting up r7000               

   ke3jp going to help hand 75 meter antenna            w8jdz

  n3pik n3sla ke3jp hanging antennas     w8vfd ke3jp w8jdz watching ant up 

   w8vfd ke3jp watching me do something          

    n3pik w8vfd w8jdz ke3jp                 

                                                           ka3cdh w8jdz n3sla doing cq field day                   ke3jp putting up lights

                                                                                             w8vfd watching ke3jp putting up lights

                                                        this is a picture of some of the set up                         Ka3cdh 's power plant

         r7000 hf antenna                                                 n3sla antenna

  here's a picture of some more antenna's        n3pik n3sla holding ropes for antenna's





  W8VFD making contacts on 75 meter                    w8vfd ken wood ts690sat


      w8vfd watching some one come in                  w8vfd

       wa3nsm working cw on 40 meters                 wa3nsm set up kenwood ts570sat

          wa3nsm working 75 meters                                wa3nsm  gary best friend

  wa3nsm working cw late at night 


    ke3jp working 75 meters 290 contacts                      ke3jp kenwood ts200sat



              n3sla working 75 meter                             n3sla kenwood ts440sat

    kb3eif   w8jdz n3pik  ke3jp   kb3eif  kb3ney 

     w8jdz watching his radio                                  n3sla waiting to start


  n3pik working 40 meters

  w8jdz n3sla   kb3ney  w3yqx                    w8jdz kb3ney  n3pik w3yqx

    kc2hqe                                                                        kb3ney    w8jdz

                            kb3ojs                                        kb3ney               w8jdz

                           kb3ney                                                          kb3laz

                             kb3eif reading the rules


           this was taken at night when everyone was working 4 bands and watching


                                this is the end of the picture's


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