Sunday Night Net Peamble
Sunday Night Net Peamble

Welcome To The Shenango Valley Amateur Radio Club's Swap And Shop And Information Net Preamble


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Shenango Valley Amateur Radio Club's net.  


This is a swap and shop and information net.  


This net is held every Sunday evening at 8 pm on the frequency of 146.445 with a plus one meg offset And A PL tone of 186.2 is required. 


This repeater is located in Greenville Pa. Mercer county


This Repeater is an open system




My call is ______, my name is _________ and I will be Net Control for tonight's net. 


This net encourages all amateur radio operators to check in. 


The purpose for this net is to involve the community in amateur radio and to promote fellowship among area hams.




We welcome any information concerning amateur radio. 


This net allows for the sale or trade of amateur radio related items.  


If you are listing items for sale or trade please include the price, your call sign, phone number and/or an e-mail address for everyone's convenience.





Upon checking in      the Net Control will recognize your station. 





 Does anyone have any trivia for tonight's net ?   




I will now take any Echo Link check ins 




I will now take any mobile or portable check-ins. (Not at their station's licensed address).




I will now take all check-ins.




After a number of check-ins (your discretion), go back for comments and any info/items. Go back and get trivia answers.




I would like to end this net by thanking everyone who has checked-in and thanks to the community for there help and support.  


And for those of you that are listing to this repeater on your scanner


PLEASE get a book and study it or go to and do the practice test online


I invite you back for next Sunday's net at 8pm on the 146.445 repeater.





We had ___    check-ins this evening and I will now close this net at      __ : __   pm and turn the repeater back to general amateur use.


Good night all, and 73's,


this is ______, Net Control, clear.






    Michael L Mowery

    6 Mud College Road

    Greenville ,Pa 16125






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