Welcome To The KE3JP Repeater's Web Site
Welcome To The KE3JP Repeater's Web Site



K E 3 J P Amateur Radio Repeaters are on ,144 MHz , 440 MHz . Here is a collection of Amateur Radio Services that help in promoting Amateur Radio , Amateur Radio (Sometimes is called Ham Radio) and is individuals using radio equipment on specified radio frequencies for personal enjoyment, self-education, and service to the community. 

Amateur radio operators must be licensed by the government.The government  issues amateur radio licenses. Normally, a test on operating practices, radio theory, and in some cases a Morse code proficiency test is administered. Amateur radio is not to be used for commercial purposes. Also, amateur radio operators are restricted from using profanity and using amateur radio for illegal purposes.Although we are Ham / Amateur Radio Operators we still love to play around with many transmitters, receivers,antennas and more.We also when we have the time for exceptional things we like to do and there are many talents around the world If you are not a amateur radio operator and would like to send us an Email you can at   and we can help you in any way you need ( Our Team Has Real Good Support And Information On Operating Practices an Radio Theory That will help you ) We have one popular amateur radio repeater that we use that we call home in Greenville Pa the 2 meter repeater on 146.445, Also feel free to promote your bands and other information that you would like others to know about. Our community web site is adding links and other news in the appropriate sections, so you can see them and even encourage other hams to help post reviews and other information about amateur radio on there web sites  

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